PHOTOS: Sacred Ways and Places launch

Sacred Ways and Places in the Blue Mountainsis the latest publication from Blue Mountain Education and Research Trust and is about the spirituality of place.

The book was launched by Ward 2 Councillor Romola Hollywood on March 6 at the Blue Mountain Education and Research Trust's event at Our Lady of Nativity Primary School in Lawson.

The editors, William W. Emilsen and Father Eugene Stockton, who also contributed to the book, have brought together 15 local authors to share their reflections on places in the Mountains that have become sacred to them.

The authors include the well-known local historian and Catholic priest Father Eugene Stockton, three Uniting Church ministers, three architects, academics, school teachers and bushwalkers.

Cr Hollywood congratulated the Trust for "producing this beautiful book which brings together local writers who share their personal connections to our precious Blue Mountains environment and its rich cultural heritage".

"I pay particular tribute to the editors who are also contributors, William W. Emilsen and Father Eugene Stockton, for bringing such an interesting collection of talented local writers together."

Designed by Allan Walsh, the book also includes stunning photographs of the many different places the authors write about, she said.

"This book adds to our understanding of what it means to live in the Blue Mountains and in a World Heritage Area," she said at the launch.

"The stories highlight the need to respect the cultural heritage of the First Peoples who have cared for this land for many thousands of years. This book strengthens our knowledge of the Blue Mountains and why we must continue to work together to protect our environment."

Author William Emilsen said: "It is my hope that Sacred Ways and Places in the Blue Mountains will help readers take seriously the idea of the Blue Mountains as a landscape that nourishes the spiritual life and touches on life's ongoing quest for meaning and purpose"

"I am aware that there are thousands of people who venture here - visitors, tourists or locals-who have a yearning for a deeper understanding of the Blue Mountains."

The Trust was established in 2008 by priest-archaeologist, the Rev Dr Eugene Stockton. It was named after the original place name, Blue Mountain [singular], for the village of Lawson in the Blue Mountains where Fr Eugene grew up and where he now lives.

The Trust was established for the advancement of religious enquiry, religious studies, Aboriginal studies, education and research for the local community and the Australian community at large.

Purchase the book at Mountains bookstores or here.