Jarrah channels empathy and compassion through new songs

Jarrah F. Smith is a musician who strives to share stories of empathy and compassion through powerful lyrics and intricate acoustic guitar playing. His latest singles - A Dangerous Alibi and Chasing Amazement - are a reflection of Smith's personal development, paying homage to friends, family and those close to him.

"Chasing Amazement is a song about self-discovery, self-realisation and self-acceptance," he said.

"It's an ode to my spiritual journey and the deeper understanding that I am developing around the concept of humanity."

A loving and alternative upbringing stimulated Smith's passion for creativity and music. Whilst having a strong respect for music and its history, it is not the bright lights and fame that he longs for. Speaking on the Passion & Perspective Podcast, he remarked it is the ability to inspire through meaningful music that is his true purpose.

"My overall goal is to play music to as many people as I can...to write songs that have meaning for all the different situations people face in life," said Smith, who grew up in Emu Plains and attended Lapstone Public School and Blaxland High School.

"The concepts of grief, loss and heartbreak are subjects that I contemplate often but seldom have the words to describe...this is my attempt to shed light on the nature of these concepts."

As his musical journey continues to prosper, Smith has maintained a strong and centred perspective, shaped through a fulfilling life and maintaining a measured sense of self awareness.

"We get very caught up on what others think is good for us...but it's all about following that bliss and bringing things into your life that you want there," he said.

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