Young creatives targeted

Young creatives in the Mountains are invited to attend a new series of workshops aimed at connecting them with artists from across the region.

Local street artist Nastia Gladushchenko: Helping young people connect to their creativity..

Local street artist Nastia Gladushchenko: Helping young people connect to their creativity..

Open Sessions will give participants the chance to explore a range of artistic processes and media in a series of drop-in workshops and at the same time engaging in conversations with practising artists. These sessions are a place for young creatives to work on existing projects, create new ones or learn new skills in an inspiring and encouraging environment.

Upcoming sessions include visits from artists such as Genevieve Clay-Smith, an award-winning filmmaker who champions diversity and inclusivity, and Jeff McCann, a Sydney-based artist, who primarily works with sustainable and second-hand materials and has created wearable art pieces for Haiku Hands, Montaigne and Thelma Plum.

The session on Thursday, June 3, will feature local street artist Nastia Gladushchenko and paper artist Claire Cassidy of Studio Flos.

Gladushchenko said that workshops like this are an important way to help young people feel connected to their creativity

"Creating and learning in this informal way gives them the space and time to experiment, explore their creativity and just embrace the act of playing again.

"I aim to foster a sense of place and a connection with the natural environment through my work and the botanical themes I address so the open session I will be leading will be building on that," she said.

The Blue Mountains Cultural Centre is running Open Sessions free of charge for an inclusive arts experience for young people aged 13-18.

The centre's artistic program leader, Diana Robson, said: "The Cultural Centre identified a lack of creative outlets for young adults in the region. This is our way of connecting them with other young creatives and inspiring them to continue on their creative journeys.

"These sessions are supposed to be about fun and freedom, come in create whatever they like, explore new mediums and get mentored by some amazing artists. Plus there's pizza."

All upcoming session dates and participating artists can be found on Eventbrite. Bookings are a must to avoid disappointment as sessions are limited to 20 people.