People of the Blue Mountains ... how are you holding up?

People of the Blue Mountains ... how are you holding up?

Just how resilient are Blue Mountains residents? It's a question Blue Mountains Council and the Stronger Families Alliance hope to answer in the near future.

The two are hosting the second Resilience and Wellbeing Survey of residents, asking how do folk feel about their life and the community in which they live.

It is part of a bigger project of the Alliance, that includes consultations on safety and resilience.

Of course, the survey comes after a horror two year period in which the community has endured bushfires, flooding and of course the global pandemic.

"Never has our community experienced multiple crises in such a prolonged period of time," said Blue Mountains mayor Mark Greenhill.

"Research like this helps Council and community organisations to build action plans and secure funding to deliver what our community needs. It also helps develop future policy.

"We want a healthy and resilient community, and will do all we can to help ensure that."

Survey findings will help create a baseline of information that will help identify vulnerable pockets of the community.

The survey will be available online until the end of November at