The best videos from around Australia for November 28, 2021

BEST VIDS: Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie takes aim at anti-vaxxers in parliament (left), NSW's oldest smokestacks demolished (top right) and what happens when you meet a cheetah (bottom right).
BEST VIDS: Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie takes aim at anti-vaxxers in parliament (left), NSW's oldest smokestacks demolished (top right) and what happens when you meet a cheetah (bottom right).

How's the weather where you are?

Chances are, one of the week's biggest news stories has been happening just outside your window.

La Nina has officially been declared by the Bureau of Meterology, which means much of the country is looking forward to a soggy Christmas. How's that for the first summer out of lockdown!

Well, at least the Tamworth Country Music festival will be returning in January. Nature is really, truly healing.

Floods continue to rise, crops are being decimated, and communities are facing potentially months of isolation due to localised waters.

On the lighter side of the flood stories though, this week we brought you the story of three teachers from Bedgerabong Public School near Forbes, NSW who were flown in to school by the RFS and SES so that classes could continue on Monday.

Weather aside, here are a few of our favourite videos from the week that was.

Tick, tick, BOOM!

One of NSW's oldest coal-fire power stations faced demolition this week.

The Wallerawang Power Station has been an iconic part of the Lithgow skyline for decades, but now it's set for a partial transformation having lost its two chimneys and out-of-use boiler house on Tuesday.

Australian Community Media journalists took a front row seat to the action, capturing some awesome footage as the structures came down.

There's something so mesmerising about watching those 175m smokestacks crash to the ground in a plume of demolition dust.


Spot the cheetah

When Zambi, Asani and Viking arrived from South Africa, Canberra Times journalist Olivia Ireland was first in line to shake their paws and make their aquaintances. Who said a career in journalism didn't have its perks?

The male cheetahs are the hope of their species' future, with only 6500 left in the wild now. The big cat siblings will form part of a regional breeding program to ensure the survival of the species, at least in captivity.

But, they are also a big, big drawing card for the Canberra Zoo and Aquarium who are offering meet and greet sessions with the playful cats.

And now we know what to put on our lists for Santa this year!


Lambie goes ham

Each week we bring you the videos that delighted and amused us, and we do try our best to keep the politics out of it.

But not this week. This week we're diving head first into politics with an unlikely icon: Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie.

The outspoken politician took aim at One Nation in parliament this week, levelling her concerns regarding the political party's stance on mandatory vaccination.

"You choose to do something that puts other people's lives at risk, and you will be held accountable for that choice. It's that simple," she said.

"Being held accountable for your own actions is not called discrimination, it's called - you wouldn't believe it - being a goddamn bloody adult," the senator shouted across the chamber on Monday, in a clip that has since been remixed and reused all over social media.

Lambie faced as much backlash for her comments, as she told ABC Breakfast this week.

She knuckled down on her stance though describing the online abuse and those who are making the threats as "disgusting".

"Quite frankly, you disgust me," she told host Michael Roland.


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