Our masters swimmers, the Blue Mountains Phoenix Adult Swimming Club

Some people choose their sixties, seventies and eighties to take it easy - but not members of the Blue Mountains Phoenix Adult Swimming Club.

A group of 12 recently participated in the National Championships for Masters Australia held at the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre earning the gold and bronze medal in the relay events.

Coach and member of the '280 years-plus' ladies freestyle relay event, Nerida Murray, 77, of Valley Heights, said the team placed first in the nationals with a time of 3:00.65. They "were so pleased to be able to field a team in this age group," Murray, also the club secretary said. The team included Kay Burton, 83, of Springwood, Lyndall Wilson, 69 of Leura and Susan Leech, 59 of Hazelbrook. Both Murray and Burton have been swimming in masters events for more than two decades.

For the first time in 10 years the club entered a mixed freestyle relay team in the '240 years-plus' age group and was rewarded with third place with a time of 2:25.61. Murray and Leech were also in this winning team, alongside Murray Garland, 65 and Mark Brown, 49. The club also finished with 29 individual medals.

The three-day event was held on April 20-23. Murray praised the "terrific" efforts of the swimmers - the age range started at 26 years - and thanked the two registered officials, Jillian Pateman and Sue Wiles, as well as all the volunteer timekeepers.

"Phoenix is very active in other areas, such as aerobic swimming. Some members, who do not wish to complete at carnivals are able to swim at their leisure and their own pace over varying distances. This is tallied at the end of each year and some of our ladies are very prominent in this competition."

To be part of their group contact president Murray Garland 0409 071080 or secretary Nerida Murray 0428 849151.