New Mountains comic book released by Blaxland graphic artist Kellie Mar

So popular was 36-year-old author Kellie Mar's last tome, she's revisiting the genre and launching a second one at the inaugural Blue Mountains HubCon pop culture expo.

The graphic designer and self confessed comic book geek from Blaxland, wrote and illustrated the hilarious second book in the Dark Side of The Blue series. Called The Hunt for Historic (and Haunted) Habitats in the Blue Mountains, she will talk about her strange and spooky inspiration at the July 12-14 event at the Blue Mountains Hub in Springwood.

"The story is about two gentlemen (one an historical architect, one a cultural anthropologist) on an Indiana Jones-esque adventure across the Blue Mountains," Ms Mar said.

"As they visit iconic places such as Lennox Bridge, Eurama Castle, Woodford Academy, Queen Victoria sanitorium, The Carrington, The Hydro Majestic and historic Hartley, they will inadvertently experience a myriad of spooky things as they uncover The Dark Side of The Blue! Will they survive!?" she asks.

The spooky comic also covers the story of Australia's first serial killer "prospector" Frank Butler, who had his companions unwittingly digging their own graves near Glenbrook Lagoon. The Black Panther makes an appearance again and the duo are also chased by ghosts and rabid drop bears.


On a personal note, Ms Mar said the gentleman who inspired her comical architect, 32-year-old Karl Downing, had recently proposed and she happily said yes. A shared love of pop culture ultimately led to the engagement.

The pair worked at The Blue Mountains Cultural Centre while he moonlighted as a writer and wrestler and she moonlighted as a comic book writer.

"He approached me to do a commissioned piece of his wrestler persona, Jorg Wolfgang, and then invited me for a beer after work. That beer went for 12 hours and the rest is history."

Mr Downing said: "Of course Kell would marry her comic book character. And they will live happily ever after with the Loch Ness monster for a pet."

Ms Mar will be selling her $15 comics in the Artists Alley and has been invited to join a panel on the Sunday afternoon.

"It's a jam-packed program I will be speaking at the Comic Creators Panel with Jason Paulos and Andrew Constant."

Ms Mar said she was pilloried by her university lecturer for suggesting the graphic novel was an art form, but the books are undergoing a renaissance, one even made the longlist for the Man Booker Prize in recent years.

"There is something cool about being a comic book geek these days."

The HubCon Pop Culture Expo is on Saturday July 13 and Sunday July 14 at Springwood Theatre and Community Hub. The event will also feature light sabre demonstrations, zombie make-up demonstrations, a host of interesting talks about gaming and much more.